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RAVE Computer is a technology consultant and computer manufacturer providing commercial off-the-shelf and custom engineered solutions. We offer solutions for the creation and rendering of your virtual or augmented reality environment - including deployment as the image generator/driver for your simulation platform. RAVE offers cutting-edge hardware solutions for Live, Virtual and Simulation environments. Our suite of these products includes the MOBILEBEAST, MOBILEBEAST VR, RENDERBEAST and CADBEAST built to optimize your individual needs.

In business for nearly 30 years, RAVE integrates world class solutions that empower the digital revolution.

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Blueprint Reality Inc. (https://blueprintreality.com/) is the leader in mixed reality broadcasting. We’re an independent VR studio that creates tools and applications for VR, AR and mixed reality. Our MixCast™ content creation platform changes how VR and AR are broadcast to the world using mixed reality. MixCast enables people to show and share their virtual reality experiences.

For VR arcade and other LBE and attraction operators, MixCast makes the experience more compelling and engaging for customers and their friends and family who are watching.

Why use MixCast?
• Easy one-time set-up
• No green scree required
• Broad application support
• Provide customers with souvenir photos/videos


CONVERGENCE (Convergence of 4 Dimensions LLC) is creating the Silica neXus Virtual Universe (SXVU); the first Cross-Reality Virtual Universe (XR-VU) with a blockchain backbone securing its virtual goods economy. Consumers with mobile phones may connect with friends on any other type of device, such as an HTC VIVE or a Flight Simulator in a theme park.

Developers create and monetize worlds and virtual objects (VOs) in the SXVU. VOs are fungible, transferrable, and stored in an Ethereum smart contract containing a transaction history and developers’ creation credits. VOs can be acquired through quests, earned rewards, or traded for ERC20 tokens called SXRs. VO Ownership is tracked on a blockchain-based ledger of objects. Content is controlled by territory owners, and can be based on any genre or theme; from fantasy to Sci-fi, live entertainment, education, vacation or occupation. An “Experience-Net” where you live, work, learn, and play in multi-dimensional, like-minded communities.  

After launching one of the first VR arcades in N. America and realizing that station management, game launching and content licensing was going to be the biggest challenge to a great out-of-home experience, we launched Springboard VR. Fast forward a year and SpringboardVR is powering location based entertainment worldwide. With customers in entertainment, education and enterprise in 30+ countries and over a thousand headsets; SpringboardVR is the leading experience management and content distribution platform for location based entertainment.

Private Label VR represents the latest in technology and entertainment by offering VR experiences to people throughout the world. Our focus is on virtual reality business technologies that enable businesses to monetize and track usage and behavior within VR systems.

We offer full private label VR systems that are designed to help business owners quickly add an additional revenue stream to their existing business, or create an entirely new one.

While we focus largely on helping people integrate our technologies, we are constantly working on the cutting edge of the business and VR boundary to help bring new technologies to the marketplace.

YDreams Global (www.ydreamsglobal.com - TSX-V:YD) is a Canadian technology public company, with offices in Vancouver, Dubai, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, that combines Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology, Design and Intelligence to respond to the challenges and demands of today’s users and consumers. The company has over 15 years of history and over 1000 projects worldwide

Arkave VR is the company latest spinoff. A gaming platform for VR, connected in a network of “pay to play” arenas. The patented technology developed by YDreams allows up to three people to play together in the same Arena, seeing each other as avatars, with full body sensors and no wires, which creates a unique and immersive experience. The company is opening a franchising business model to accelerate growth.

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Zero Latency (zerolatencyvr.com/business) is the pioneer and global leader in out-of-home free-roam VR entertainment. Zero Latency’s patent-pending tracking technology immerses up to eight players simultaneously in a completely interactive digital universe, allowing them to physically navigate considerable distances through epic-scale 2-4,000-square-foot arenas while collaborating with other players in heart-racing social games and adventures. The Melbourne, Australia, based company has constructed VR game arenas as free-standing locations and integrated them into resorts, family entertainment centers, go karting facilities, and other entertainment destinations. There are currently 7 Zero Latency-powered arenas in the United States (Orlando, FL; Poconos, PA; Wisconsin Dells, WI; Phoenix, AZ; Tulsa, OK; Boston, MA; and Las Vegas, NV) in addition to locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Madrid, and Melbourne, in operation for 2 years. Zero Latency expect to have 20 arenas worldwide by the end of 2017. Find out how to future-proof your business with Zero Latency by contacting sales@zerolatencyvr.com.

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Attraktion! is a specialized group of companies, established in 2011, which is continuously growing a broad and unique product portfolio, based on the experience of Attraktion!‘s founder,  and the experience of its growing commercial,  creative and technical team.   Behind the brand Attraktion! is Markus Beyr, an Industry veteran who has been working in the leisure and entertainment sector for more than 25 years,

Attraktion!’s specialty is to design state of the art immersive attractions. Attraktion! creates innovative media-based attractions, and is specialized in 4D/5D theaters, special format immersive theaters, (full) dome attractions, entertainment robots, interactive group games and exhibits. Moreover, Attraktion! implements the film production for diverse media-based attractions, with its own in-house CGI creative team.

Recognized as a pacesetter in the field of leisure attractions for pushing the boundaries of existing practice and exploring new ways to connect with audiences. 

Association Partner

The VR/AR Association (The VRARA) is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and people in the virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organizations and promotes the services of member companies. http://www.thevrara.com/

Media Partners

InterGame magazine provides unrivalled access to FEC and amusement arcade owners worldwide and their extensive budgets. Established for more than 20 years, InterGame is the longest-standing magazine serving the play-to-play / coin-operated amusements sector internationally. It has an extensive, continuously updated operator database and is recognised worldwide as the leading source of news and analysis for the industry.

InterFun is a standalone publication covering all entertainments and attractions relating to the growing children’s play sector. Distributed to developers and operators of FECs, family restaurants, cinemas, bowling centres, indoor play centres, shopping malls and themed FECs around the globe, InterFun includes all the latest product news in the areas of soft play, indoor rides, interactive edutainment, simulation and outdoor adventure for kids.

No Proscenium is the guide to everything immersive: available in website, newsletter, and podcast form.

RePlay Magazine is a monthly trade publication covering the game center and route business, everything from coin-operated jukeboxes, pinball and table games to deluxe video games, redemption, entertainment center attractions (such as VR) and much, much more. Since 1975, RePlay has been reporting on the equipment, people and trends that have made “coin-op” a fun and exciting business.

The Stinger Report / in association with the DNA-Association/ offers an unsurpassed observational news service of the modern digital out-of-home entertainment (DOE) sector. One of the first news services to cover this market, and known throughout the international sector as the must read source of developments and trends impacting the market and beyond. Owned by international specialist consultancy KWP Limited.

VR FEST is the world's first and largest virtual reality film festival and it takes place in Las Vegas, NV every January during CES week. Through its annual and touring festival programs, VR Fest pays tribute to and honors the companies, technologists and content creators who have in the past and are currently pioneering the future of virtual reality and other emerging technologies.

VRFocus was established in 2013 with a singular goal: to offer consumers a location for all the latest virtual reality (VR) news. Launched in 2014, vrfocus.com quickly became one of the most popular VR specialist media outlets. Continued popularity and enormous growth has lead VRFocus Ltd. to become one of the most widely respected VR media companies worldwide.

Virtual Reality Las Vegas (VRLV) is a growing community of VR professionals and enthusiasts in one of the world's most renowned resort cities.  Everyone is welcome to join: Engineers, Designers, Game Developers, Entrepreneurs, and VR fans. 

Virtual Reality Reporter is a community virtual reality, augmented reality. VR storytelling, 360 video and immersive technology! VRR serves you VR & AR industry related report, updates, event coverage, reviews, interviews and entertainment news! https://virtualrealityreporter.com/

Virtual World Arcade offers an All-In-One VR Arcade Package including hardware, software, games, and tech support for you to open your own VR Arcade!  We also offer VR Content Development to build your VR concept into a quality product within months!  Please email contact@virtualworldarcade.com with your company information to get started today!

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The AR/VR/MR world is ever changing and the issues we face are multi-faceted.  WIXR.rocks is a site for women and those that support women in the extended reality world.  Whether you are in tech, entertainment, games or sales your voice is important.  We are more than just a blog.  We want to connect and be a force in propelling Extended Reality to its limits.

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