In anticipation of his presentation at Future of Immersive Leisure in Las Vegas, September 13-14, 2017, we asked Philippe Bergeron, CEO at, a few questions about the immersive entertainment ecosystem.  Check out his interview in relation to his Future of Immersive Leisure presentation entitled, Next-Generation 3D and 4D Mapping Experiences in Leisure Facilities

Q: The use of immersive technology in the entertainment sector away from the home, what are the issues?

A: For 3D projection mapping, issues are ambient light, and weather for permanent installs. And the acceptance from the general public that immersive is a legit form of entertainment, beyond the 20 mins shows.

Q: The use of digital media in attractions, what are the key issues?

A: The ability to make the technology completely invisible, and focus on what’s important: narrative, and emotion

Q: Is the new audience for attractions and experiences a harder audience to entertain because of the amount of technology in their lives?

A: Yes, but this has been the case since the invention of film. As a mapping company, we have to be ahead of the tech curve. But at the end of the day, like I said before, content will always be king.

Q: Is the loading and unloading issues with VR technology impacting the experience?

A: For now, of course. But focus on the content, the speed issues will solve themselves.

Q: How can the digital out-of-home entertainment industry stay ahead of the home entertainment scene?

A: By merging real and virtual in a seamless way. It is no longer enough to rely on a white screen, or large LED monitor. You have to use the real world as a canvas.

Q: What other immersive technologies beyond VR are you looking at?

A: SAR (spatial augmented reality) and AR. Immersive AR (thru glasses, not tablets) will be much more powerful than VR, since VR is a subset.

Q: Is it essential to have new immersive attractions and experiences every few years to survive?

A: Of course, but think better and more engaging content and you’re won half the battle.

Q: Could VR be more important in the out-of-home sector than in consumer application?

A: Challenging, since VR is a very individual experience. SAR, on the other hand, is a communal experience. I see SAR as taking over the world.


Don’t miss Philippe’s presentation, Next-Generation 3D and 4D Mapping Experiences in Leisure Facilities, at Future of Immersive Leisure on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 1:30 pm.  Click here to register for attendance.


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